“Bucket List” Kind of a Day

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Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. – Hans Christian Andersen

This past Saturday was the perfect day. It was the kind of day you check off of your bucket list. But the best part is that it was all completely spontaneous, and it wasn’t on my bucket list. This is a reminder that some of the best days of your life can be unplanned and that going with the flow often leads to great places.

The day started like this: it was a beautiful day in Austin (86 degrees and sunny to be exact.) So a few friends and I decided to take day trip to visit the Field of Dreams, to see the Texas state flower- the Bluebonnet. The drive was perfect. I had the music on, the windows rolled down, and the dogs were in the back seat with their ears flopping in the wind – the day was already off to a great start!

We passed so many interesting places that I now want to add to my list of things to do. When I arrived at the “Field of Dreams” and paid $5.00 admission I had no idea what to expect. I pulled into the parking lot and was immediately hit with some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the fields of endless bluebonnets blooming in the most vibrant blue color you can even imagine. Families were everywhere enjoying the beautiful day and the picturesque backdrop. Friends were taking selfies and photographers were snapping photos of children with their parents. Many people (myself included) brought along their pets. All of the pups were free to roam, sniff, and explore to their hearts’ content. Cody, Maggie, and Jack were pouncing around with nothing but pure excitement. If you know how much I love my dogs, it was enjoyable for me to just watch how much fun they were having in the fields. I couldn’t help but to feel like this place was a bit magical.

Following our eventful stint at the Field of Dreams, my friends and I randomly decided to stop at a winery just up the road. Our afternoon at Stone House Vineyard was totally unplanned, but I sure am happy that we stumbled upon yet another remarkable place. It was only $15 for the reserve wine tastings and $10 to taste the select wines. Endless pours of all different kinds of wines, which then led to cheese platters, and then dessert wines, which of course led to lots of laughter and great conversation. The people who worked at The Stone House Vineyard were so kind, allowing us to sample some extra dessert wines and paying extra special attention to Maggie, Cody, and Jack who were resting tirelessly under the table after their morning of playing in the bluebonnet fields.

In an effort to keep the spontaneity alive, my friend and I decided to stop by a local and well-known brewery, Jester King to meet up with a group of friends that were already there enjoying their day. We pulled up and approached a large piece of property filled with people from all walks of life (families and pets as well.) Between the corn hole games, beer tastings, and the gorgeous day that it was, it was like a scene out of a springtime dream. As if we needed more to eat, here we opted for a pizza tasting. We ordered several different pies and joined others who were gathered around at the long picnic tables. Everyone bonded over the brews, the dogs, and the picturesque scenery.

When I got home that night, I thought about what an amazing day this had been. I was home by 9:00 pm and in bed by 10:00. If you know me, you know that this is my ideal kind of day. There is nothing I love more than fully enjoying my days and then getting a good night’s sleep. It is an added bonus if Maggie, Cody, and Jack can partake in the festivities alongside of me. Any time I can spend the entire day outside, in the presence of my dogs, great friends, beautiful views, and the most perfect weather it is a day for the books in my opinion!

Like I said, this day was totally unplanned and wasn’t on my bucket list, but I highly recommend planning a day like this. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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