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I believe one of the most important factors for living a peaceful, happy, and successful life is having a place to call home. Your home is truly your sanctuary! When I signed the lease to my new Austin apartment, I really wanted to pull it all together so that the dogs and I could feel comfortable and relaxed in our new space. I wanted to create a sense of home, even though I was miles away from my actual home.

I realized that I was so over the “dark, bulky furniture” phase and I wanted nothing more than a fresh start in my new place. With that being said, my new furniture and decor is a great reflection of who I am right now and where I am at this point in my life. I knew that in order to achieve my goal of creating a homey space, I would have to call in a little bit of help. Enter Monique Penner – the owner of Posh Interiors Austin. Turns out she was the perfect person for the job. I am so happy with the way it came together that I wanted to share some of my favorite corners of my home with you. I hope this inspires you to branch out from your norm and add some unique touches to your own home.


bedroom   ali-carr-4

I absolutely LOVE my bedroom! Of all the furnishings in this room, the upholstered headboard detailed with tufting and silver nail head trim from Z Gallerie is my favorite. This headboard is the definition of a statement piece and the WOW factor it creates when you enter the room is worth every penny! Choosing this really impressive bed allowed us to fill the room with other more dainty and budget-friendly accessories.

My bedroom is very neutral – mostly white and beige, with a few hints of plum in the accent pieces. From the quatrefoil-printed curtains from Ballard Designs to the mod white dresser (West Elm) this room could not be more beautiful. Instead of hanging expensive artwork over the dresser, I purchased six 8×10 white frames from West Elm and added my favorite personal photos in black and white. In addition to pictures of my family and friends, I chose some of my personal Austin-themed prints that have meaning to me: I love the Greenbelt, Town Lake, and the “I love you so much” image which is the center picture used in my collage. Another touch that worked out beautifully was one Monique’s  unique ideas of using two stacked vintage suitcases underneath the window. I especially like how they pull double duty (I store my scarves inside them.) The vintage suitcases and the little turquoise-painted nightstand from Home Goods add a little touch of “something old” to the room while the headboard is chic and modern and makes a big impact. Monique did a fantastic job pulling it all together. It is a little bit eclectic, but I love that it’s young and fresh while still feeling mature.

Master Bathroom/Closet. We selected restful shades of blue for this space, colors that created the perfect setting for a beautiful piece of art from one of my favorite photographers, Carlton Ward. His work is remarkable and this picture is the perfect touch of home. As I get ready each day it serves as a beautiful reminder of where I came from and my love for the water.  Another special detail, and one of my favorites in the whole space, are these unique, colorful vintage knobs that are on the wall where my bathroom meets the closet. They create the perfect setting for me to hang all of my jewelry. This is by far one of my very favorite “Monique” touches – perfect for the girl who loves all things different and creative, especially when it comes to clothing and jewelry.

Kitchen. The kitchen opens into the living space and is perfect for my lifestyle. We purposely tailored the design of the kitchen and kept the decor functional. As someone who likes to keep the kitchen minimal and practical, I’d like to share a little tip. If you live in a condo/apartment, utilize the counter space decor for both beauty and function. For example, I have a white tray with light translucent blue glasses that contribute to the decor, but I also use this drink-ware to serve my guests. In the corner of the countertop, I have a two tier plate stand where I keep nice ceramic plates that I actually use for my meals. This allows me more cabinet space for things like pots and pans amongst other kitchen items.

On the center of the island Monique placed a beautiful green and yellow bowl that I like to fill with oranges because they add such a nice pop of color. I fill my tall vase from target with fresh flowers weekly to create an impressionable focal point when you walk into the room. Because of my love for wine, we created a little nook in the kitchen dedicated to all things vino. There is a small wine rack and a cutting board for cheese left out for both presentation and personal use.

One of my favorite sections of the kitchen is the little gallery wall, which displays black and white photos of Maggie, Cody and Jack when they were puppies.  It is tucked into a little corner right next to where I keep their food and it makes me smile each morning! Behind the front door, which opens into the kitchen, Monique added a turquoise frame with a chalkboard (so cute) and a little frame for over the peek hole (very unique). These small personal touches add the finishing touch to this room.

Living Room. While working with Monique on designing this space, I stepped slightly outside of my comfort zone. We ended up going with more of an eccentric look in the living room. The wallpaper, from CB2 is a bold floral print in grey and bright coral tones. Since it only covers a single wall, it’s not overwhelming, but instead creates a nice focal point in the room. It really lends ode to the whole eclectic, artsy vibe found all around the city of Austin. Although I was a bit hesitant at first, I must say that I have learned to love it!

On the wallpapered wall, we chose some beautiful modern Moroccan-inspired mirrors from Collectic Home. The mirrors are my favorite pieces in the living room. They are truly unique and really pull the whole space together. We layered lots of pillows with various textures and patterns on the couch, which creates a soft and cozy environment that is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day. (I think my dogs love curling up here just as much as I do!)

Desk Area. Initially, creating a personalized workspace was one of my top priorities since I do a lot of my work from home. Little did I know that I would end up working mostly from the kitchen island and the little desk area would end up being more for show than anything. With that being said, I still adore this inspirational little corner of my home. Monique created a gallery wall complete with photos, quotes, mirrors, and several fun graphic prints. It has personality and I like how the photos and sayings can easily be changed up when the mood strikes. I highly recommend creating a gallery wall. It is so simple and really easy to do on a budget. The frames were purchased from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods and I order all of my hand painted canvases from Script This Home Decor – I absolutely love the owners work and strongly recommend checking out her website!

Guest Bedroom. For the guest bedroom, we went with subdued tones with pops of color. The color scheme is mostly white, yellow, and grey with pops of dark turquoise. Beneath the window, we opted for window seat cushions or “poufs” from Target, in a bold Greek Key pattern. These not only provide some added softness and color, but also double as seating or a place to put clothes when getting dressed.

In an effort to stay within my budget, Monique personally refurbished and painted the desk (originally brown) a fun, deep-ocean shade of blue (Yes! she does it all). For the curtains (West Elm), another great statement piece, we chose a beautiful yellow and gray pattern. I love that this room is infused with many coastal elements, such as the artwork above the desk and the bright yellow coral accent on the nightstand, which is also from Home Goods!

Patio. I adore the entire interior space of my apartment, but as someone who spends every free moment outdoors, it’s no surprise that the patio located just outside my front door is my very favorite spot to be! At the center of the patio, we placed an amazing propane fire pit that I purchased at good old Target. It looks high-end (without the high-end price tag) and accents the space beautifully. Many nights have been spent gathered around the fire pit on the patio with friends and neighbors just enjoying the fresh air. On cool nights, it creates some nice warmth and makes being outside tolerable. On warmer nights, I like to set it on low for a little glow and some extra ambience.

The entire porch area is surrounded by tall plants, which offer privacy in my little tucked-away space. Monique’s idea of adding two cool little red benches from World Market are yet another reflection of the Austin lifestyle. (Similar ones can be spotted in various locations all over the city.) I absolutely love the benches as well as the pink and green pillows that accompany them. This color combo is fun, vibrant, and feminine! Above it, we hung a vintage-inspired, lighted “Dream” sign. It adds a nice glow and the saying is a constant source of inspiration. On the opposite wall, we took an old Ikea bookshelf and repurposed it into a bench (brilliant). Underneath the bench is the perfect spot to store my running shoes, golf shoes, and sandals (Bonus points for more space in my bedroom closet!) It also makes it easy to sit down and slip on my sneakers before I set out on my morning run. Above the bench, we hung two aluminum flowers from Home Goods.

I believe that any patio should be an extension of your living space. By creating a peaceful patio area, I am able to enjoy the outdoors while still feeling completely at home. I often find myself sitting out there for hours at night, blogging and enjoying the evening breeze with Maggie, Cody and Jack.

Between the long workdays, the dogs, and the need to pull my place together fast to feel settled, there is no way I could have done this without Monique from Posh Interiors. She came highly recommended to me from a friend and was the perfect person to help me transform my new space into a home! Monique is precise, quick and makes decorating oh so much fun!


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