How To Plan The Perfect Girl’s Night (Wine & Cheese Style)

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“The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it”

– Hubert Humphrey

This past week, I spent a very productive week in Tampa. I was extremely busy the entire time.  After wrapping up my trip, I was even more excited than normal to touch down in Austin. Primarily because I was not headed straight home like I usually am. Instead, this time I was boarding the plane knowing that as soon as I got off, I had something else really exciting to look forward to.

To me, there is no better way to spend a Saturday night unwinding than with a cool glass of rosé and great company. My two girlfriends, Anne and Caitlan hosted this amazing wine tasting event at their home, and let’s just say-they did not disappoint! They seriously thought of everything! It was such a unique, yet simple idea and I was so impressed that I wanted to share it with you all. Maybe it will inspire you to host a similar evening with your family or friends.

Here is how it worked.

The wine tasting: Each guest was asked to bring two bottles of their favorite rosé. (You can do this with any kind of wine, but with the Texas heat quickly approaching, some light rosé seemed to be perfect ‘summery’ choice.) We were able to bring any type that we like (dry, sparkling, a blend, etc.) The first bottle was used for everyone to taste as the wine tasting ensued. Each person’s second bottle was used as part of  the prize for whoever brought the bottle that was voted as the best.

The hosts were generous enough to provide the food pairings, and their presentation was equal parts delicious and gorgeous. The spread of cheeses and charcuterie looked like it jumped straight off of a fancy Pinterest board.

The Set Up: Upon arrival, each girl was given a wine glass with her name written on it in chalk. So cute! We began sampling the various bottles of wine and after each pour we were asked to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. The hosts even had beautiful customized papers for us to use for voting. Not one single detail was left out.

The Food: Presentation, presentation, presentation. All of the snacks were laid out and each item was specifically labeled with chalk on the chalkboard table cloth.  We had numerous types of cheeses to choose from including Gruyere Brie, Roquefort, and goat cheeses. As for the meats, we had chorizo, prosciutto, coppa, lomo, and assorted salami.  In addition to the meats and cheeses, the spread included many other snacks and sweets to accompany the salty flavors. There were beautiful platters of fruits and veggies, various breads, crackers, and pita chips for dipping. Then there were all kinds of spreads (honey, apricot, and fig jams) as well as hummus, mixed nuts, olives and sweet and dill pickles. To top it all off, there was a beautiful dessert display complete with the prettiest pink and white cupcakes and adorable frosted cake balls you have ever seen.

After we were all done sampling the wines, tasting the foods, and mingling, it was time for the vino vote. It ended up being a really close call between bottle #3, #4, and #9.  After all of the votes were tallied, bottle #9 ultimately ended up being the crowd favorite. Our friend Vanessa (who brought that bottle) went home that night with 10 bottles of rosé as the prize!

I really could not have have asked for a better night. Everything from the presentation, to the food, to the wine, and especially the company was nothing short of exceptional.  As usual, after spending so much time with my family, friends, and the community back home, I was feeling a bit of the blues. But as I was in the Uber on the way home that night, I reflected upon just how blessed I am to be surrounded by such a great group of friends here in Austin too. It is amazing how fun and uplifting a low-key girl’s night can be! It was definitely a night for the books.


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