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“Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities. Remember you have three choices: Take it, leave it, or change it.” Marsha Petrie Sue

During my last week in Tampa, I had one of those crazy early morning dreams you have right before your alarm clock goes off. I can’t recall what led me to the situation, but in my dream a snake bit me. (Knowing me, I was most likely trying to protect one of my dogs, but who knows?) The snake latched onto my hand and removing its horrific grip seemed impossible. I was in a state of panic as I waved my hand and finally I woke up. I couldn’t get this dream out of my head, so I Googled it. This is what I found on

“Generally, a snake featured in a dream means that you’re dealing with a difficult situation or unsettling emotions in your waking life. On the positive side of this dream analysis, dreaming of snakes could also mean that healing and transformation are taking place.”

My findings caused me to reflect on my recent whirlwind trip to Tampa. I packed my car intending to stay for two weeks and ended up staying for almost a month. It felt so good to be back. I had accomplished almost everything I set out to do through my move to Austin. Around this time a year ago I was ready for a change but this last trip proved how far I’ve actually come. While I still have a ways to go, I know I’ve made progress. I reconnected with friends, clients, family, and our exceptional team. I feel inspired, recharged, and most of all, happy. Yes, I still face challenges and continue to make more important decisions on my own than ever before, but I’m in the right mindset to do so. I think this newfound confidence stems from the knowledge that my decision-making process has grown stronger and I’ve become wiser as a result of my experiences.

As I look back on my trip, I can’t help but reflect upon where I am in my life at this very moment. My life is in transition and maybe in some ways, I am healing. I have eliminated contact with some people from my life who were constantly causing me hurt and disappointment; a decision I felt was necessary to end that negative pattern. I am also learning the power of forgiveness.

I must add that I am beyond thankful for the handful of people in my life who have shown me through their actions that they are truly by my side when I need them the most. These are the people who help me get through even the most difficult times and they know who they are. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone as I packed up to leave, but I left knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life right now and great things are to come both personally and professionally as a result. I am growing my business base, connecting with other like-minded professionals, and bridging a gap between my three major territories in Tampa, NYC, and Austin.

I wasn’t in the best place before I set out on my original move to Austin and I made a purposeful decision to change this pattern. As a result, my life is improving for the better. I now make decisions based on what I feel is right in my heart. Gone are the days when I allowed what others might think to dictate my life choices. YOU and only YOU know what is right for your life in the moment and you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You might make the wrong decision sometimes (actually, you will most definitely make the wrong decision sometimes), but with poor decisions come lessons and lessons are the most valuable experiences you can ask for if this life. Personally, I believe that a poor decision is better than no decision at all. If you allow yourself to be paralyzed by indecision, you’ll never go anywhere. You won’t grow.

Today I challenge you to look deep within your own life and make sure you are living it for you – not your parents, not your job, and not for any “others” that influence your decision-making. Are you doing what truly makes you happy or are you living your life based on how others think you should live? If you are following your heart, you are one step ahead. If you find you are not, remember that it is never too late to make some changes or shifts in your choices for your own self-improvement and happiness.

Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.


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