New Year, New Wishes

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“Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.”

Oprah Winfrey

12 Wishes for the New Year

New Years Eve circa 2012, I was at a friend’s house and surrounded by great company.  When it was time for dinner, my friend, who was hosting the party, spoke of a family tradition that she wanted  to share with everyone at the table. She held a bowl of large grapes, explained that the bowl would be passed around to everyone in the room and each person would pick a grape, make a wish (out loud), eat the grape, and then pass the bowl on to the next guest until everyone had made 12 wishes (12 wishes representing the 12 months in the year).

We went around the table performing this tradition for hours, sharing delicious food, wine, and great conversation. We laughed so hard we cried, we encouraged and energized each other, and it was one of the most memorable New Years I have ever experienced. The evening inspired me to continue that tradition, which I’ve faithfully performed every year since that dinner with both my office team and my own family or friends. In an effort to continue holding myself accountable, I’ve decided to share the grape tradition with you this year and document my “wishes” in writing.

I challenge you to reflect on your own wishes for the year. Gather your team and colleagues or host an evening with your family and friends.  I think all the wishes should ultimately support the same goal: ring in 2016 as an even better person.

12 Wishes for 2015

    1. Prioritize relationships. This year I want to focus on my relationships and my personal life. I want to make time to enjoy the money that I have earned and spend time with the people I love most doing the things that bring me joy. This is my #1 priority.
    2. Strategize. This year I am going to work on becoming a better leader and manager, starting with my inside team. Instead of booking my schedule solid I want to spend more time with them strategizing, planning and executing our vision.
    3. Punctuality. Gone are the days of showing up late. I am going to arrive 15 minutes before my appointments moving forward. Adjusting my schedule will improve my time management skills, thus resulting in showing up on time or early.
    4. Let go of activities that don’t contribute to your goals. I want to keep my eye  focused on how I can directly contribute to the goals of the company, and how I can better contribute to my team and my community. All other obligations will have to be declined or resigned.  I don’t want to ever get in over my head again.
    5. Get comfortable with being on camera. Specifically, with video blogs that I plan to create to promote my brand. I was very nervous the first time I had to give a speech in public and now I feel very comfortable speaking in front of crowds.  My goal is to now get comfortable in front of the camera and I am up for the challenge.
    6. Control the voices in my head. This year, I am committed to giving myself more personal pep talks and keeping the negative Nancy nonsense to a minimum. Even when things don’t go as planned, I will stay the course and not dwell on it or beat myself up. This is something that has gotten much easier with time and experience, but it’s a constant battle.
    7. Become a better listener. I am really good at talking, but God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason. I have to slow down and work on being a better listener.  I am always very quick to respond.
    8. Take more photos. I love looking through the lens of the camera, it reminds me of all the beautiful things that surround us everyday. This year I want to enroll in a photography class and work on developing my skills.
    9. Take up tennis. Nothing makes me happier than playing outdoor sports. This year I want to master tennis!
    10. Run a 10K. This was on last year’s list and I never signed up, so I’m determined to make it happen in 2015. Once I register, the fun really begins – training! I plan to blog about my progress and would appreciate any tips or suggestions you’d be willing to share with me.
    11. Master my riding lessons. In 2015, I want to take my passion for horses beyond riding a couple of days a week. This year, I’m committed to challenging myself and becoming a more competitive rider. I would also love to save up and rescue my own horse.
    12. Extend a hand to an inspiring entrepreneur. I feel truly blessed for the support I’ve received throughout my entrepreneurial journey. I’d like to pay it forward and help someone progress in their career. Whether I offer financial support, assist them in developing a marketing strategy or just make myself available to listen, I want to be “that person” for someone else.

Since 2013, I have successfully accomplished at least 60% of my wishes each year.  It is not enough to write them out and tuck the paper away. Instead, I strongly encourage you to hang your wishes somewhere that is visible to you every day as a reminder of what you are trying to achieve for your life in the New Year!

Do you have any wishes that you would like to share or tips for achieving any of the goals in this post? I’d love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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