Wimberley: Jacob’s Well Natural Area

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“Creativity is enhanced when we live in the moment.”-Author Unknown

After two full days of rain, we finally had a beautiful day of sunshine. Since I had logged several long days at the office in a row, I decided to reward myself with a little bit of “me time.” Rather than wasting the beautiful day working from my computer indoors, I decided to take a road trip and do some exploring. I called a friend, and we drove to a small town called Wimberley which is just about 45 minutes outside of Austin. It was perfectly quaint and it offered some of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen.

Our first stop was at a restaurant called Ino’z Brew and Chew. I had never been there before, but I highly recommend it-especially the salads, wraps and the red wine. The ambiance here was super unique and felt a little bit like a secret retreat since it was tucked back into such a cozy, private space. The music brought me back to my glory days with tunes like N’sync and other 90’s hits playing in the background as we ate lunch.

After Inzo’s, my friend Natalie and I spent some time strolling around and browsing in all of the little shops. Each one was different than the next, but they sold everything from kitchenware to pictures frames to embroidered pillows to authentic cowboy boots and so much more. All of the people we interacted with were extremely friendly and kind.

Following our mini shopping excursion, we headed over to Jacobs Well for the majority of the afternoon. This enchanting artesian spring is nestled inside the Texas Hill Countryside and is what the locals like to refer to as the ‘Gem’ of the area. Talk about a place with some serious WOW factor. The water was crystal clear. So much so that I felt as if it wasn’t even real. Jacob’s Well is one of the most beloved swimming holes in Texas and its springs have some of the longest underwater caves in the state. Although it was not yet open for swimming (bummer!), I am so happy to have had a chance to explore this spot and I can’t wait to go back and jump in! Jacob’s Well is a great attraction for travelers who simply like to sightsee and also a hot spot for scuba divers. I could hardly believe the beauty of this place!

After our jaunt at the springs, we stopped by the Driftwood Estate Wineries for some local wine tasting to cap off our wonderful day. I wasn’t expecting to equally love all of the wines, but they were all really good. Actually, I enjoyed the wine so much that I ended up purchasing a bottle of the Reserve Syrah to take home with me. The sweet woman who worked there sent us each home with a wine glass with the winery logo on it. (Of course, since I work in the promotional product industry, I thought that sending the customer home with a logo’d product to remember the brand was brilliant!)

This day was perfect and was a much needed escape from my work week. I urge each and every one of you to set aside some time for yourselves and plan a little day trip if you can. If you don’t live in Austin, I encourage you to go out and explore your city! I bet there are some neat things that you have been wanting to do or new places that you have been wanting to try. Go do them! Playing tourist in your own city can be really fun! It is amazing what a little escape can do for your peace of mind, even if it is only for an afternoon.


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